Summer BBQ Special

Zestaw Grillowy

$ 59.99
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Comes with everything you need for a truly traditional Polish barbeque featuring a selection of our best homemade kielbasa! Feeds 10-12 people. Total weight 16 lbs.

4 links BBQ Kielbasa
4 links BBQ Cheese Kielbasa (seasonal)
4 links Bratwurst (seasonal)
1 ring Piast Kielbasa
2 links Blood Sausage
4 links Veal Frankfurters
1 loaf Rye Bread
2 Long Rolls
4 Dinner Rolls
1 jar Polish Pickles
1 jar Polish Sauerkraut
1 Polish Mustard
1 Polish Horseradish
1 Piast Apron

The Gift Basket option includes a traditional wicker basket for a beautiful gift!