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Roasted Kielbasa

These traditional Polish kielbasa are smoked and roasted in our firepits using real hardwood logs. They glisten like they were just cooked over a campfire! This gives them a darker color and wrinkled texture and are best served cold.

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Pork & Veal Kielbasa $6.99 Pork & Veal Kielbasa
These 12-14" long rings made with mixed ground pork and veal, black pepper, allspice,...

Tuchow Kielbasa $6.99 Tuchow Kielbasa
Named after a town in southern Poland, this lean, nitrate-free kielbasa comes in rings...

Wedding Kielbasa $6.99 Wedding Kielbasa
This pork kielbasa is mixed with beef and double-smoked for a hearty flavor, texture,...

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