Christmas Special

Zestaw Wigilijny

$ 99.99
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Everything you need for an authentic, traditional Polish Christmas experience! Features a selection of our best homemade foods including pierogi, kielbasa, soups, mushrooms, and sweets! Feeds 4-6 people. Total weight 15 lbs.

1 ring Piast Kielbasa
1 doz Potato & Cheese Pierogi
1 doz Kraut & Mushroom Pierogi
2 doz Mini Mushroom Dumplings
1lb Stuffed Cabbage with Meat
1lb Stuffed Cabbage with Mushrooms
1 Hunter Stew (32oz)
1 King Bolete Mushrooms 20g

1 Jar Sauerkraut
2 Red Borscht Soup Mix
2 Mushroom Soup Mix
1 Opłatek Christmas Wafer
1lb Dried Fruits
1 Mini Chocolate Wafer Cake
1/2 Poppy Seed Cake
1 Decorative Wall Calendar
(subject to availability)