Camping Special

Zestaw Kempingowy

$ 99.99
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Everything you need for an outdoor camping, hunting, or fishing trip! Features a selection of our best dried kielbasa and cold cuts, plus smoked cheese, canned meats, and sweets! Feeds 7-8 people. Total weight 11.5 lbs.

1 ring Thin Hunter Kielbasa
4 links Hunter Kielbasa
1/2 rack Smoked Baby Back Ribs
1/2 lb Beef Jerky
1 lb Dried Krakow Sausage
1 lb Smoked Polish Cheese
2 Polish Instant Soup Cups
1 Assorted Canned Meat
1 Assorted Canned Fish
1 Polish Horseradish
1 Polish Mustard
1 Polish Pickles
2 Assorted Polish Cookies

The Gift Basket option includes a traditional wicker basket for a beautiful gift!