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Deluxe Easter Special

Luksusowy Zestaw Wielkanocny

Deluxe Easter Special

An extended collection of our homemade artisan foods for a truly authentic Polish Easter! Features a wide selection of our best homemade foods for your Easter table. Feeds 4-6 people. Total weight 15 lbs.

1 Cherry Cheese Babka
4 links Fresh (White) Kielbasa
2 rings Piast Kielbasa
1 doz Potato & Cheese Pierogi
1 doz Kraut & Mushroom Pierogi
1 doz Sweet Cheese Pierogi
1 Blackforest Ham

1 Bigos Hunter Stew
1 Makowiec Poppy Seed Cake
2 Paczki
2 bags White Borscht Mix
1 Homemade Horseradish with Egg
1 Homemade Horseradish & Beets
1 Polish Mustard

Due to high order volume, this product is not available until after Christmas.

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