Turkey Feast

Zestaw z Indykiem

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If you've tried our famous Thanksgiving turkeys in the past, you know amazingly juicy and tasty they are! That's because we marinate them in our homemade brine for hours before we roast them. That way it they are packed with flavor and juices. We have a limited quantity available this holiday so reserve yours today! Pick up hot and fresh on Thanksgiving Day.

Whole Stuffed Roasted Turkey (20-22lb)
Homemade Sage Stuffing (small tray)
Homemade Cranberry Sauce (32oz)
Homemade Gravy (32oz)
Sweet Potatoes (small tray)
Green Beans with Almonds (small tray)
Homemade Cole Slaw (9" container)
Homemade Leek Salad (9" container)