February 09, 2011

Kocham cię

Today's word is "Kocham cię" (ko-ham-cheh). "I love you." Poland is a romantic nation and Polish is a romantic language. Polish king John III was not only a great warrior, but also a wonderful writer of beautiful love letters to his wife Mary, with whom he was totally in love. However, the words "I love you" are not thrown around haphazardly. They generally signify a more serious emotional involvement and are usually used when in a relationship.

Kocham cię. (ko-ham-cheh)
I love you.

Kochasz mnie? (ko-hash-mnyeh)
Do you love me?

Lubie cię. (loo-byeh-cheh)
I like you.

Daj mi buzi. (die-mee-boo-zhee)
Give me a kiss.