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Mother's Day Specials

In 2014, Mother's Day falls on Sunday, May 11 in the United States and on Monday, May 26 in Poland. Treat your mamusia or babcia to our homemade specialties that are full of tradition and memories!

Piast Basket Piast Basket
Kosz Piastowski
Share a little bit of your favorite Polish market with someone you care about! A wonderful way to introduce someone to a cross-section of our homemade, traditional Polish foods, including smoked Kielbasa, 100% handmade Pierogi, fire-roasted Beef Jerky, and baked...
Pierogi Sampler Pierogi Sampler
Zestaw Pierogów
A great way to introduce someone to the various flavors of our famous handmade Polish pierogi! Plus, a bonus container of our secret caramelized onion garnish for the perfect flavor. Total weight 5.5 lbs. 1 dozen Potato & Cheese Pierogi...
Pastry Sampler Pastry Sampler
Zestaw Ciastek
A delicious selection of our homemade Polish cookies and pastries to make truly impressive old-world desserts! Total weight 5 lbs. 1/2 lb Sugar Cookies 1/2 lb Marmolade Cookies 1/2 lb Apricot Cookies 1/2 lb Coconut Cream Cookies 1/2 lb Mini...
Sweet Sampler Sweet Sampler
Zestaw Słodyczy
A tasty selection of distinctive imported Polish cookies, pastries, and chocolates from the Old World! Total weight 5 lbs. 2 packs Spongecake Cookies 2 packs Gingerbread Cookies 2 packs Caramel Cookies 1 pack Caramel Candies 1 box Prunes in Chocolate...
Chocolate Wafer Cake Chocolate Wafer Cake
Wafel Czekoladowy
This famous Piast specialty is a stack of 10.5" wide round wafers imported from Poland, stuffed with a luscious homemade chocolate sauce made from butter and cocoa. Best served cold, cut into slices, and arranged on a platter. A beautiful,...
Poppy Seed Cake Poppy Seed Cake
This traditional rolled cake is a famous staple in all Polish households! A delicious homemade roulade filled with sweet poppy seeds and honey and sprinkled with nuts. Approx. 15" long by 3.5" wide. Net 12oz.
Cheese Babka Cheese Babka
Babka z Serem i Czereśnią
Babka is a delicate yet rich yeast cake that is a staple in every Slavic country, especially at Easter! This best-selling pastry is 9" wide and flavored with delicious sweet farmers cheese. 1.5 lb.
Raisin Babka Raisin Babka
Babka z Rodzynkami
Babka is a famous pastry that is known all over Eastern Europe! This delicate, spongy yeast cake is 9" wide and flavored with juicy raisins. 20 oz.
Mini Babka Cookies Mini Babka Cookies
A Piast exclusive! These amazing homemade cookies are filled with multifruit jelly, raisins, and chocolate and baked in a coconut shell. Approx. 8 pieces per half pound.
Bow Tie Cookies Bow Tie Cookies
These famous traditional Polish cookies are also known as "Angel Wings." These gourmet crullers are thin, light, and crisp, always fried in fresh oil, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Children love them! Very popular around the holidays. Approximately 20-25 pieces....
Coconut Cream Cookies Coconut Cream Cookies
Ciasteczka Anetki
A Piast exclusive! These amazing homemade butter cookies are glazed, then filled with a rich cream and sprinkled with shaved coconut. Approx. 5 pieces per half pound.
Marmolade Cookies Marmolade Cookies
Ciasteczka z Marmoladą
These homemade crescent-shaped cookies are filled with a multifruit preserve and lightly covered with powdered sugar! Approx. 15 pieces per half pound.
Apricot Cookies Apricot Cookies
Ciasteczka z Morelą
These delicious homemade sugar cookies are rich and buttery, filled with an apricot preserve! Approx. 12 pieces per half pound.