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April 27, 2011

In Polish, wiosna (vee-OS-nah) means springtime or Spring. As with every place that is visited by winter ("zima"), Poland is ready to welcome the shift in weather ("pogoda"). This change in seasons ("pory") also brings a change in foods as vegetables ("warzywa") and fruit ("owoce") become more numerous, more diverse and freshly-picked.

And don't forget the outdoor barbecue: Poles are famous for their grilled kielbasa ("kieĊ‚basa z grilla") as well as the family or neighborhood picnic ("piknik"). 

In Poland, shopping at springtime could including the following:

BBQ Kielbasa $1.29 BBQ Kielbasa

Naturally smoked and perfect for outdoor grilling! These 6-8" long links are made with...

Beer Sausage $4.99 Beer Sausage

This popular cold cut is named after the "Zywiec" region in southern Poland, which...

Rye Bread $2.99 Rye Bread

Our traditional homemade loaf of old-world Polish rye bread. Golden brown and baked to...

Krolewski Cheese $6.99 Krolewski Cheese

This mature cheese is of a Swiss-Hollander heritage, and features a unique hazelnut flavor...

Baby Dill Pickles $2.99 Baby Dill Pickles

These traditional Polish pickles make a perfect addition to any sandwich or a salad,...

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