May 11, 2011


In Polish, szaszłyk (SHASH-wick) is the name for that skewered creation known as "shish kabob." See photos of szaszłyk here and here!

Szaszłyk has ancient roots in the Balkans, Turkey, and Persia.  At once both simple and complex, it is a favorite in Poland - particularly in the warmer months!  A creative cook ("kucharz") will combine different types of marinated meat ("mięso") and vegetables ("warzywa") on a single skewer.  One thing remains the same: cooking over an open fire ("ogień").  Be sure to set the table with plenty of salads ("sałatki") as well as condiments such as mustard ("musztarda"), ketchup ("keczup") and horseradish ("chrzan").  

In Poland, a meal with szaszłyk would include the sorts of meats, condiments and other items on our grilling menu.