November 23, 2011


In Polish, "indyk" (INN-dek) means turkey.  This large bird originates from the New World ("Nowy Świat"), but has become very popular in Poland.  In the 1980s, when Poland was still struggling beneath a communist government, annual consumption of turkey was merely 1,000 tons.  Today in 2011 it is more than 5-million tons!

Polish farms are now raising turkeys and exporting turkey meat.  You will find turkey dishes being served at home ("dom") and at a restaurant ("restauracja"), and they are even integrating the meat ("mięso") from turkey into traditional Polish foods such as kiełbasa.  Increasingly, you will also find a contemporary twist on traditional turkey meat such as our delicious, artisan Turkey Bacon.

Because of the close relationship between Poland and the United States ("Stany Zjednoczone"), a fair number of Poles have heard of the North American holiday of Thanksgiving (called "Dzień Dziękczynienia" in Polish), but there is no big Thanksgiving Day in Poland.  On a smaller scale, some Poles celebrate the harvest festival of Dozynki and this is a bit similar to what we think of as Thanksgiving.