November 16, 2011


In Polish, "kukurydza" (koo-koo-RID-zah) means corn. Could this be the most-fun word to pronounce in the Polish language? Say it again!  (koo-koo-RID-zah)

According to scientists, corn as we know it was probably first domesticated and harvested some 10,000 years ago in what is now the country of Mexico ("Meksyk"). Although this juicy grain originates from the New World, it has long been a staple of Polish cooking ("kuchnia polska").

In Poland, it is popular to add cooked, chilled corn to a salad ("sałatka"). In addition to adding flavor ("smak"), corn brings a bit of color ("kolor") to the table.

During the summer, you might enjoy fresh corn on the cob ("kukurydza w kolbach") with butter ("masło"). And, of course, on Thanksgiving Day ("Dzień Dziękczynienia") in the United States, corn is a popular ingredient in stuffing or served hot as a side dish.