December 21, 2011


Christmas Wafer

Christmas Wafer

In Poland, "opłatek" (oh-PWAH-tek) is a thin wafer that is essential to the Christmas Eve dinner ("Wigilia"). However, this is not about eating, but about a tradition of exchanging wishes with close members of the family ("rodzina").

What's it like to exchange wishes? This short video gives a good explanation.

The key is to snap off a bit of the other person's opłatek and, immediately thereafter, to say aloud the particular wish ("życzenie") that you have for this person. When you have finished, the other person does the same to you.

It's a tradition that can warm the heart ("serca") of even the most curmudgeonly member of the family!

If you live in the New York City metropolitan area, you can visit one of our stores and find authentic opłatki (that's the plural) imported from Poland. Merry Christmas ("Wesołych Świąt") from all of us at Piast Meats & Provisions!