December 28, 2011


In Poland, "Sylwester" (sil-VES-ter) is the name for New Year's Eve! It's a label derived from Saint Sylvester according to a centuries-old tradition that assigns a saint to each day of the year.  

As in most countries, New Year's Eve in Poland is a time to celebrate ("świętować") with various happenings and traditions. Many Poles gather at restaurants or at a friend's house for food and drink. Champagne ("szampan") is not uncommon. In fact, you can find Champagne, sparkling wines, and other festive beverages at our Castle Store in Garfield, NJ.

Each year, there is a large musical event and fireworks display in the Old Town marketplace in Krakow. You can see fun amateur video of this event, here.

However you choose to celebrate, keep in mind those magic words: Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku ("Happy New Year" in Polish).

If these words leave you a bit tongue-tied, press the blue arrow on this page to hear the correct pronunciation. Enjoy! And Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku from all of us at Piast Meats & Provisions.