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Friday, May 26

Below is today's hot food takeout menu at our Garfield location. We are famous for our wide selection and huge portions! Every single entrée, soup, and side is created fresh every day, on-site and by hand, from the finest raw ingredients. Meals are served from 11am until closing. Menu subject to change without notice; please call for current availability or to place a pickup order. $1 extra for soup and free dessert. Be sure to stop by for lunch or dinner today!


Polish Sampler Polish Sampler
Polski Sampler
A little bit of the best that Polish cuisine has to offer, all homemade! 4 Potato & Cheese Pierogi, 2 Stuffed Cabbage with Meat, and 2 Roasted Kielbasa served over a bed of hot sauerkraut.
Baked Salmon Baked Salmon
Łosoś Pieczony
A fresh fillet of salmon gently baked with butter, lemon, garlic, and sprinkled with seasonings. 1 piece served with mashed potatoes and 2 side salads.
Salmon Stuffed with Crabmeat Salmon Stuffed with Crabmeat
Łosoś Faszerowany Krabem
Fresh salmon fillet stuffed with crabmeat and spices, then oven-baked. 1 piece served with mashed potatoes and 2 side salads.
Breaded Fish Fillet Breaded Fish Fillet
Ryba Smażona
Basa fillet genetly battered with flour and spices, then sauteed until perfectly tender. 1 piece served with mashed potatoes and 2 side salads.
Stuffed Cabbage with Mushrooms Stuffed Cabbage with Mushrooms
Gołąbki z Grzybami
Juicy marinated mushrooms and rice are hand-wrapped in cabbage leaves. These vegetarian "gołąbki" are perfect for Christmas Eve dinner. They will be the talk of your table when served with mushroom gravy! (not included) Approximately 3-4 pieces per pound.
Noodles with Cabbage Noodles with Cabbage
This traditional Polish dish is prepared from pasta shaped into small rectangles mixed with steamed cabbage, cooked pork, and sauteed onion. 1 portion served with 2 sides.
Polish Dumplings Meal Polish Dumplings Meal
Pyzy Polskie
These mini dumplings are made from potato dough hand-rolled into balls and gently boiled and topped with bits of fried bacon. 10-12 pieces, served with 2 sides.
Meat Dumplings Meat Dumplings
Pyzy z Mięsem
These larger, handmade dumplings are made from potato dough stuffed with ground pork meat, rolled into balls and gently boiled. Perfect as an entree, served with butter and onions! Net 38 oz.
Pork Goulash Pork Goulash
Gulasz Wieprzowy
A slavic masterpiece! Tender cuts of pork slowly simmered with spices over a low heat, then mixed with a traditional brown gravy. 1 portion served with mashed potatoes and 2 sides.
Roasted Baby Back Ribs Roasted Baby Back Ribs
Żeberka Pieczone
Our very own butcher-cut baby back ribs cut individually and baked in a bath of spices, then served over hot sauerkraut. 3-4 pieces, served with mashed potatoes and 2 side salads.
Fish Fillet in Lemon Sauce Fish Fillet in Lemon Sauce
Ryba w Sosie Cytrynowym
Lightly breaded basa fillet slowly pan-fried and covered with our special creamy lemon sauce. 1 pieces served with mashed potatoes and 2 side salads.
Roasted Chicken Roasted Chicken
Kurczak Pieczony
Fresh chicken legs and wings marinated in our secret spices, then slowly roasted until glistening and golden. 2 pieces, served with mashed potatoes and 2 side salads.
Bavarian Style Pork Shank Bavarian Style Pork Shank
Golonka po Bawarsku
An absolutely finger-licking delicacy! A fresh butcher-cut pork shank is marinated in our custom brine and boiled. Then it is drenched with authentic imported Zywiec beer from Poland, sprinkled with paprika and other spices, and gently roasted until perfection. 1 piece served with mashed potatoes and 2 sides.
Potato & Cheese Pierogi Potato & Cheese Pierogi
Pierogi Ruskie
Our most popular pierogi! These traditional homemade Polish dumplings are stuffed with potatoes, farmer cheese, and cooked onions in a hand-rolled soft dough. Best served boiled or sauteed with onions. Net 12 oz.
Chicken Gyro Chicken Gyro
Gyro z Kurczakiem
This Mediterranean classic is made from strips of fresh grilled chicken breast mixed with diced tomatoes and red onions in an authentic tzazike sauce. 1 piece served with 2 sides.
Finger Dumplings Finger Dumplings
These finger dumplings are made from potato and flour dough cut into long thin shapes and boiled. Great when topped with fried bread crumbs, gravy, or as a side dish. Net 12 oz.
Stuffed Cabbage with Meat Stuffed Cabbage with Meat
Gołąbki z Mięsem
These delicious homemade Polish stuffed cabbage rolls, or "gołąbki", are made with large, leafy cabbage stuffed with a mixture of pork, beef, and rice. A famous staple in every Eastern European kitchen! Best served with tomato sauce (not included). Approximately 3-4 pieces per pound.
Cheese Crêpes Cheese Crêpes
Naleśniki z Serem
These delightful Polish crêpes are made with thin dough filled with authentic Farmers Cheese sweetened with sugar and vanilla. 3 pieces served.
Breaded Chicken Cutlet Breaded Chicken Cutlet
Kotlet z Kury
Premium boneless chicken breast pounded thin and dusted in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs and fried to a golden brown crisp. 1 piece, served with mashed potatoes and 2 side salads.
Breaded Rib Chop Breaded Rib Chop
Kotlet Schabowy z Kością
This European style pork chop is butcher-cut from fresh loins to include the baby back rib. Pounded thin, battered, and fried until perfectly golden. 1 piece served with mashed potatoes and 2 sides.
Roasted Kielbasa Roasted Kielbasa
Kiełbasa Pieczona
Our own famous homemade smoked Polish kielbasa, roasted and lightly sauteed for a glistening, juicy experience. 2-3 pieces served with mashed potatoes and 2 sides.
Breaded Pork Chop Breaded Pork Chop
Kotlet Schabowy
Boneless center-cut pork chop, butcher-cut, pounded thin, dredged in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs and fried quickly to a golden brown. 1 piece, served with mashed potatoes and 2 side salads.


Red Borscht Soup Red Borscht Soup
Barszcz Czerwony
This thin, flavorful broth is famous in Eastern Europe and is made with boiled beets flavored with strong spices. Very popular in the wintertime. 16oz.
Wild Mushroom Soup Wild Mushroom Soup
Zupa Grzybowa
A hearty Polish soup made from imported dried mushrooms hand-picked from the forests of Poland, with aromatic spices and bowtie noodles. 16oz.


Hot Sauerkraut Hot Sauerkraut
Kapusta Zasmażana
Barrel-cured sauerkraut pan-fried with fried onions, cooked pork, whole pepper, and rich spices makes for a truly hearty side dish.
Garden Salad Garden Salad
Sałata Zielona
Our homemade tossed salad made with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and herbs, flavored with dressing.
Sauerkraut Salad Sauerkraut Salad
Surówka z Kiszonej Kapusty
The famous Polish side dish! Fresh pickled sauerkraut straight from the barrel garnished with carrots and spices for a zesty flavor.