May 18, 2011


In Polish, "karkówka" (kar-KOOV-kah) means "pork neck" or "pork shoulder" and it's a marbled cut of meat that resembles a beef steak ("stek wołowy").

The key to a delicious karkówka is in the marinade ("marynata").  We marinate ours overnight in a blend of spices ("przyprawy") that gives this cut a juicy ("soczyste") texture.  This is especially important if you intend to grill (our favorite method of cooking!) as a juicy marinade ensures that the meat remains flavorful and not dry.  

Serve with a side of potatoes ("ziemniaki") and a fresh garden salad ("sałatka jarzynowa") and you might just have the perfect meal.

In Poland, shopping for karkówka means going to the right butcher shop.  At our Piast stores, you can pick up a pack of butcher-cut, pre-marinated karkówka steaks - just like these - in our in-store Summer Grilling Department. Fresh and ready to grill at home!