June 01, 2011


In Polish, "dziecko" (JETS-koh) means "child."  A child or children ("dzieci") are the key to family life in Poland. A meal ("dania") or family gathering ("rodzinne spotkanie") will typically include a portion of time devoted to children's play ("zabawa") and conversation about children's issues among parents and relatives.

Each year, on June 1, Poles celebrate "Dzień Dziecka" or Children's Day.  According to Polish tradition, parents give children candy ("słodycze") or perhaps a small gift ("prezent").  Outside the home, there are also children's events, school plays, and other fun activities.  Even the Polish government gets involved: on Dzień Dziecka there is a special session of parliament ("Sejm") that is staffed only by child representatives!

In Poland, parents and grandparents give candy or small gifts on Dzień Dziecka as well as after a school performance or other rite of passage.  For example, our Gift Basket for Child, our Sweets Sampler and our Pastry Sampler are typical such gifts guaranteed to bring a smile.