July 20, 2011


In Polish, “jagoda” (ya-GOH-dah) means blueberry.  This fruit (“owoc”) is one of the most popular in Poland, and you can find it in farm fields (“pole“) as well as growing wild in the countryside (“wsi“).  

In summer (“lato”), the blueberry is picked to make dessert (“deser”), preserves (“dzem”) drinks (“napoje”) and more.  Blueberry pierogi (“pierogi z jagodami”) are very popular, both as a dessert and as a sort of between-meal snack.     

At the the Piast online store, you’ll find favorite blueberry items like our home-made Blueberry Pierogi – a very popular summertime snack that is topped with sour cream or whipped cream or a sprinkling of sugar.  

With coffee, tea or milk, you might enjoy a traditional Polish Blueberry Danish.  

For a back-to-basics favorite, consider various Polish preserves on one of our very own home-made Polish breads.  Happy summer!