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August 17, 2011

In Polish, "truskawka" means strawberry.  When you visit Poland, you will find the most fresh strawberries at local markets ("targi") or at a farm, and the growing season peaks in early summer ("lato"). 

This classic fruit ("owoc") is delicious on its own, perhaps with a bit of cream ("Ĺ›mietana") and sugar ("cukier"). 

You will also see strawberries as the key ingredient in Strawberry Pierogi ("pierogi truskawkowe") and even Strawberry Dumplings ("knedle z truskawkami").  Interestingly, Poles enjoy these fruit dishes as both a dessert ("deser") and a main course at lunch ("obiad") or dinner ("kolacja").

In many a Polish home, a cool glass of Strawberry Compote ("kompot truskawkowy") is enjoyed somewhat like a dessert or soft drink.

You will also find fresh strawberries in our unique and popular Strawberry Soup ("zupa truskawkowa"), available during the summer months at our three New Jersey stores.

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