April 13, 2011


In Polish, babka (bahb-kah) means "grandmother." And this word is also the name of a delicious dessert: the babka cake ("ciasto babka"). Made from a yeast dough with a fruit filling -- usually raisins ("rodzynki") or cherries ("wiśnie") -- the babka cake is a traditional fixture at the table ("stół") on Easter Sunday ("Wielkanoc"). And what a glorious history! The babka was a favorite of the nobleman ("szlachetny") in both Poland and France. You can see our own babka cakes below:

Cherry & Cheese Babka $5.99 Cherry & Cheese Babka

Babka is a delicate yet rich yeast cake that is a staple in every...

Raisin Babka $5.49 Raisin Babka

Babka is a famous pastry that is known all over Eastern Europe! This delicate,...