"I just wanted to take a quick minute and thank you all for what you do and making it possible for me to have a small taste of home! I am in the Army stationed in Savannah, GA (originally from Pittsburgh), and nothing makes me miss home more than hearing about my family eating pierogis, stuffed cabbage, and halushki...although I've mastered making halushki. Anyway, finding out about you guys is the best thing that could have happened to my family today because you have made it possible for our home to feel like my real home".
Brian from Savannah, GA

"Thank you for my awesome delivery of all the food!! I received it today!! Grilling ur Piast sausage for dinner tonight with potatoes and red cabbage!! Gave you a good patient contact that loves good sausage. Now 4 South Carolina family/patient's that will order from you!! Will keep giving them your web site and boast how awesome your company is!! Happy Easter and God Bless to all of you!"
Teresa from Mount Pleasant, SC

"I have just received an order, gifted to me for my birthday, and i just wanted to say I am so impressed! The loaf of bread was huge and so fresh, the pierogi are wrapped so well and I am about to cook them because they look just like the ones my mother bought from our church, years ago. There was even a hand-written note from Mona, who took the order, thanking my sender for the order. There was even instructions on how to cook the items I received. What a wonderful birthday gift. Thank you for being a company I would recommend and a company that seems to actually care about the clients they cater to. Best of luck with your company!"
Donna from Glen Burnie, MD

"My husbands family is from Garfield, and of course about 12 years ago I was introduced to your store. Being a upstate New York girl and having Russian and Lithuanian ,German in my blood . I found out my husband and ate very similar foods. ( my parents grew up in Pa where Polish, Russians, Lithuanians ,Hungarians all sorta cooked the same. I love your store. The food is amazing. Well I just found your web page. and with a big smile I told my husband im going to order stuff now.. He says " great I thought I was broke now you will be selling the kids off" to buy their food. ha ha.. I cant wait to get a order from yas. I so so wish you could open a store up here . The people would love it . We have a store called the pork store ( German food) but no where as good as your store. I just wanted you to know how much yrou food is loved. never stop .."
Marlane from Saugerties, NY

"OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I recieved my box today. It was just like Christmas with anticipation. I could hardly wait to get the box open. And there it was...... Head cheese. I cut open the bag and pulled out 4 slices and took a bite, closed my eyes and savored every flavor of of the cheese, and memories rushed back as when mom,dad, grandma & grandpa made head cheese. It is so awesome, just as I imagined it. Thank you so much for making my taste buds happy again. I will be ready for more head cheese. We will be having the kalbasa tomorrow."
Karen from Owatonna, MN

"Hello, You prepared a terrific batch of pierogi and cabbage rolls for my son's first communion party. The order ws very nicely presented and all food tasted delicious. It was a pleasure visiting your store, chatting with your staff and getting the tips on best reheating of my food. We live in Jersey City and will make the trip back to your store without hesitation. Your quality and customer service are fantastic. Thank you very much!"
Izabella from Jersey City, NJ

"Thank you so much for the quick response to my queries; for the wonderful service; and most of all, for the delicious, real, old-country selection of foods you offer. My grandmother would be jealous if she were still here. All best wishes."
Antoinette from Newport, RI

"THANK YOU! We just received our order. The quality and taste of the food is so wonderful. The bread is just like my aunt used to make, the hunter's sausage like my uncle's, the horseradish like Baba's. I feel like I am at a family reunion! Made a sandwich for supper tonight and I feel like my taste buds are doing the polka. Told my roommate that 'this was the food I grew up on.' I am one very happy customer."
Patti from Alma, MI

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU for my recent order. Everything came exactly on the specified date and most of it was still frozen. The pierogi, sausage, angel wings were soo delicious reminding me of my younger days. I previously lived in Michigan and grew up on Polish food my mom made. Sadly here in Arizona you can't find many traditional polish places to purchase food. I am so glad I found you on my "search engine". I will be purchasing more food from you in the coming months. Your signature "Piast kielbasa" is what I remember buying from the polish store in Detroit. THANK YOU! again to everyone who took the time to prepare and package this food. You Rock!"
Theresa from Tonopah, AZ

"I just wanted to let you know how delicious all of your products have been - we have been enjoying them since the day they arrived! I had a party last night and everyone enjoyed the kielbasa - there was none left! We had the pierogies tonight. The bowties remind me of my grandmother's - have not had them since she died when I was 13! Although the babka is a different texture than what I make, it is delicious also! I will order from you again! Thank you so much for your wonderful products! I certainly cannot find such products here in the south. They remind me of my Polish heritage, my family, and my home in New Jersey. Continued success!"
Melanie from Columbus, GA

"To all who helped with our Polish Ham order, you did a most wonderful job right down to packaging. We really did appreciate it and it tastes delicious you just can't beat the taste of that ham. I have lived in the south for a number of years and I am from Buffalo originally and I never forget the food up north. I love the south but the delis just do not have it. Again thank you so much for your time and effort put into the order and we will order some polish sausage etc at a later date."
Beverly from York, SC

"Thank You very much for my recent order. Even though it took several days to arrive in Arizona, most of the products were still somewhat frozen. I really love your products,(kielbasa,pierogi etc)! You are very caring as you have your customers in mind with the packaging of my items. I will be your customer for a long time and have already told my family about your delicious products with hopes they will also order from you! Thanks to everyone at Piast!"
Jose from Tonopah, AZ

"Just want to let you know I received my 2nd order from you last week. I am soo happy I found you. The quality of your products are amazing. We live in California and we just can't find the "Goodstuff". Thank you Piast.. my freezer is full & happy."
LeAnn from Riverside, CA

"Just wanted to say thank you. Growing up in the Detroit area near Hamtramck with a large Polish population I was able to enjoy all kinds of Polish dishes. Moved to Florida many years ago and I missed those dishes. I looked on the internet for the places in Hamtramck I used to deal with but the area has changed and those restaurants and meat markets are no longer there. I did a search for fresh Kielbasa and Pierogi and found your place. I wanted some for Thanksgiving, so I placed an order, I am so glad I did. The food brought back memory's of the food I loved. Fantastic Polish food and customer service. I will order again."
Jim from Sebastian, FL

"Dear Piast, I have enjoyed Kielbasa and Pierogies for over 60 years and have purchased them in several cities like Pittsburgh, Chicago, Milwaukee and others. My recent purchase from you was FAR better than anything I have EVER enjoyed from any other company. So glad I found your company and I have already recommended you to several other friends."
Bob from Pinehurst, NC

"Hi, I just received my very first order from you. OMG!! I am thrilled. I haven't tried the pierogi or kielbasi yet. That will be for dinner tonight. I ordered some chrusciki and coconut cream cookies as well as a poppy roll. The chrusciki are just like my babczi's!!! We have her recipe but rarely if ever make them because they are time consuming. We live about 1 1/2 to 2 hours away. But we are planning to take a drive out and check out your store. Now that I know the quality of your food, I will be ordering more often! Thanks again for bringing back those beauiful memories of my babczi!!"
Dianne from Dickson City, PA

"Thank you so much for the delicious Christmas food you sent us! You are the greatest!!! And the most delicious!!! My 92 year old mother was greatly impressed with the quality and care you displayed with our last order. She got her Polish food back and I didn't have to do all the work to get it to her. I greatly appreciate the time and effort these authentic Polish dishes require. And I think of my saintly Polish Busia who labored so to introduce us to Poland over the years. God Bless you all and a very Happy Easter!!!"
Carol Ann from San Diego, CA

"We received our delivery from you this afternoon (way down here in South Georgia) and I immediately headed for the panczki. DELICIOUS. Teen hit the rye bread, loves it and the babka cookies. Tomorrow we'll enjoy the kielbasa and pierogi. Wonderful so far, and I'm sure everything will be that we haven't tried yet. Sooooo glad I found you guys here on FB."
Kathy from Valdosta, GA

"Just to let you know my order came in yesterday and tonight we are eating the potatoe and cheese and sweet saurekraut pierogis and they are DELICIOUS. I generally make around 500 for Christmas Eve supper and have sampled other product but none can compare to yours. Thank you so much. PS: Also loved the cheese danish:) Thanks again. Everything was delivered in perfect condition."
Mary from Hudson, ME

"Found your ad on fb and bought a bunch of kilbasa. Living in the south there is no access to the kind of Polish meats that I remember from my youth. Just wanted to let you know that the kilbasa was a big a hit with all our friends and family and it felt like old times. Thank you for being there."
Todo from Jacksonville, FL

"Got my order today and had the Vienna Kielbasa, sauerkraut, and polish mustard for dinner. All my husband could say was, "WOW!!!". It was awesome! Can't wait to try the rest of what we ordered. So glad I found this site."
Debra from Gray Court, SC

"My mom being a pierogi maker in her younger days has always been very picky about her pierogi, none of them were good enough for her, till I sent her your pierogi sampler. Mom loved them!! I'll be ordering more for mamusia!!"
Barbara from Myrtle Beach, SC

"You guys make some killer smoked ribs!!! I try and bring them to every BBQ we go to. Give them a quick crisp on the grill and everyone goes nuts for them!!! We finally cooked the Turkey Kielbasa!! AWESOME!!! Best turkey based item I have ever eaten other then plain turkey!!!"
Joseph from New City, NY

"Thank you so much for my order. i just received the package with the additional pierogies. everything came in perfect condition and i just wanted to let you know and thank you. your kindness and professionalism has been overwhelming, and you have customers for life with my family and me. everything has been beyond delicious and i appreciate everything. thank you again!"
Erin from Fort Irwin, CA

"My order just came in. Thank you very much!! Everything is looking and tasting delicious. I will be ordering in the future. GO PIAST!!"
Marzena from Nashville, TN

"I got my package yesterday and it was packed with care! I am so happy I found your store and will be a returning customer. Thank you!!!!"
Tricia from Cameron, WI

"I received my package yesterday as promised. Looking forward to a full Polish menu on Christmas day. Glad that I found your company here on FaceBook."
Patrick from Rockford, MI

"This is as authentic as it gets. They import many products from Poland. Things like Polish soda, candy, magazines, horseradish, and tons of other stuff. They also sell some of the best meats. Their hot food is the best out of all the Polish stores in the area. For under $6, you get a full course meal and soup. There are tons of choices and selections vary daily. This area is great for authentic, ethnic food and if Polish is your thing, this place is not to be missed."
Maggie from San Deigo, CA

"Delicious home-style cooking. Very hearty food, huge portions, and prices so reasonable you don't know how they do it. Everything I've tried here has been fresh and absolutely delicious. Excellent homemade soups."
Karin from Oakhurst, NJ

"Recommended to me by Councilman Peter Eagler - and it was very much worth the trip. Huge and unique variety of products from Poland and Polish style produced here in the States as well as local products. BEST BLUEBERRY PEROGIES I've ever eaten - light, delicate, with little sugar -- so you can really enjoy them.The store is VERY clean -- and well lit -- be prepared for long lines in check out - as so many come to shop there."
Cami from Rutherford, NJ

"Charming store that makes you feel like you are in Poland. Take-out lunches and dinners are delicious and very reasonably priced. Everything tastes as if it were home-made. You have to try their pierogi!"
Mandy from Garfield, NJ

"I live in Garfield - I KNOW kielbasy. This place has every type of kielbasy imaginable (yes, there are numerous varieties of kielbasy). They even make their own jerky. If you don't want to cook, they have dinners TO GO - LOTS OF CHOICES. And they are all GOOD and INEXPENSIVE. And yes, they have numerous types of pierogies, as well."
Donna from Garfield, NJ

"Just rcvd my order. Everything was perfect. We had the Prune filled pierogis this evening. They were delicious, and such a blast from our past. Have not had one of those for over 50 years, when our grandmothers made them. Thank you so much....look forward to ordering more of your delicious foods in the future! Can’t wait to try all the others I ordered😁"
Nancy from Marathon, FL

"I want to say how much my family enjoyed the Christmas dinner I purchased from you. Everything arrived in time for our December 23rd date, frozen and in excellent condition-impressive. I just didn’t know how the grandchildren would like my dinner selection and much to my delight they expressed their enjoyment and went back for seconds (and sometimes thirds!). This was the first time I ordered from you and I can tell you that you have a customer for life. The family wants to know when we are going to do this again – they suggested next month. Not sure about that timeframe but I know it will be sooner than next December. My experience with your company was outstanding and I will certainly pass on this experience to my Chicago family. Thank you."
Susan from Calimesa, CA

"I just wanted to thank you for making the BEST pierogi's on the planet! My husband is from Buffalo, NY where he was used to the getting them and in Georgia, Polish food is hard to come by! Thank goodness for you! I think at this point in time with the lockdown you should be designated an 'essential business!'. Ha!"
Lana from Lakemont, GA

"Thank you! My Mom received the gift basket today here in California and everything was very cold/frozen still. She complimented you guys on the packing and is overjoyed the with assortments of Polish foods. We sent it to her for her 80th birthday and it got here in time. I be good customer - you all should be proud! You are leading by example and have raised the bar my friends."
Mark from Aliso Viejo, CA

"I received an order for Mother’s Day from my son. I am 100% Polish. I must say, “What a treat was in the box.” Everything in the box was delicious. The huge loaf of bread was loaded with seeds and grains. The kielbasa, pierogi, ham, cheese, etc. were delicious. The cookies with the apricot filling were to "die for" I cannot rave enough about your foods. Thank you for being a company that produces quality products. Best Mother’s Day gift!"
Stella from Youngstown, OH

"Thanks so much. Got everything yesterday and because of the cooler weather everything was still frozen. You guys do an amazing packing job. I have ordered early for the holidays because I think this will be a very busy year for you. Thank you for being there and happy holidays early. You all have made mine better being able to order these things from you, since I am so far away from home and not even able to get there right now."
Venetia from San Antonio, TX

"Hello, I ordered from you for the first time and recieved my shipment today. The food was delicious! Growing up in PA, we always had kielbasa and perogies for holidays. I live in VA now, and there is no good Polish food near me. My mom always brings some for Christmas, but I won't see her this year due to Covid. I was a little nervous ordering all this food online, haha. But we sampled some today and it was amazing! Thanks for being willing to ship and making yummy food."
Tara from Staunton, VA

"I have to be honest, I used to get my Kielbasy from another vendor but a water main leak and COVID put them out of business. I have been shopping around for the tastes of my youth and found your website. Took a chance and ordered a sampling of sausage. Your Traditional Polish Kielbasa was wonderful. Delivery was faster than advertised and every item arrived perfectly preserved even though I am halfway across the country. As soon as I opened the package, I knew it right because it smelled like church on the days before Easter when the priest blessed the food. You are my new “go to” source for everything Polish. I spent so much time in the military, I dub you guys “KIELBASA HQ” from now on."
Joe from Bellevue, NE

"We placed an order for items for our Wigilia dinner and also for Christmas Day. I want to tell you how much we liked everything that we received from you. The pierogis (sweet cheese, russkie, and sauercraut/mushroom) were smaller than ones we usually bought, but the dough was perfect, and each pierogi was plump with a very tasty filling. We also ordered a kielbasa, which was as good as the best we have ever had. I made dried mushroom soup from the mushrooms, and the flavor was excellent. I was the most impressed with "Grandma's ham", however. I don't particularly like ham. Most of them are highly disappointing and rather spongy, I think from water or other liquid being added to the meat. This ham was really delicious, very meaty, and with a superior taste and texture. I had many, many pieces on Christmas dinner, and we all continued to enjoy it as heated left-overs for the next few days. I have bought Polish food at many different stores, but overall, this was one of our best experiences. I certainly intend to order from you again. Thank you!"
Susan from Newburyport, MA

"OMG! Problem!!!! We can't stop eating!!!!! hahahaha I can't thank you enough for super fast shipping. We got it an hour ago and immediately proceed with defrosting and celebrating.. Everyting arrived in THE MOST FABULOUS CONDITION. all frozne to the bone and because of the perfect impeccable packaging and your fantastic shipping speed everythign arrived in absolutey heavenly condition. So far we tried the bacon and the biala kielbasa. Bialla kielbasa is very delicious and prefect but Bcaon is BEYOND DELICIOUS! It is in part because it truly can not be more perfect and in part because I had a big fiasco ordering smoked not cooked bacon from other places and each and every time it came cooked even if I asked to please check to make sure and was assured it will be smoked uncooked. IN any case, Your bacon deserves Noble prize! I tried to call Stockholm but they told me they don't have Bacon Noble category 🙂but rest assure it truly deserves Noble Prize in Baconology!!! Whoever made this bacon, bless his hands! It has perfect flavor, perfect saltiness prefect smoke, perfect piece has been choose.. it has also perfect smell and perfect color, perfect texture and everythign about it is just prefect. I am just so happy with this order. I have not yet tried the krakowska and the babka,we saved for later. i was bit surpised that krakowska was sliced because I was hoping for the whole piece but this is most likely my fault as I did not see the options or missed them. In any case this does not reflect of course on the order and maybe it will be more easy to portion and eat. I never ordered sliced sausages before so that is a new. I will be definitely coming back around the holidays. I will then add the slonina and contact you ahead for availability and if possible to make then if not then some other time.. as you may be too busy for that around Holidays. Thanks again for absolutely fantastic servicie, customer care, speed of processing and delivery and most elegant and professional packaging. Wishing you a happy holiday season and many happy sales and prosperity. Health to you and yours and many blessings! TRULY grateful"
Lydia from Rockville, MD

"As a son of Ukrainian and Polish parents with a very large family on both sides I don't need to tell you what a marvelous food extravaganza the Holidays were for us :-). My parents and much of my family now gone. Sadly, in Memphis there is absolutely no Slavic heritage whatsoever. Your family has brought me back to my roots. Your food is delicious. I just cooked some of the Vienna Kolbasa and it was HEAVENLY. My house smells finally smells like a Ukrainian lives here. Dobre."
Tom from Memphis, TN

"Such wonderful, authentic Polish food! Very high quality, reasonably priced and absolutely delicious. The Stuffed Cabbage with Mushrooms is truly extraordinary with true depth of flavor. Every variety of kielbasa is perfectly seasoned with true Old World character. I will continue to order from this amazing store! Oh, one more thing, the shipping is fast with very careful, efficient packaging. Piast Meat & Provisions truly outdoes itself all the way around!"
Sandra from Bridgeton, NJ

"I sent the Piast sampler to my Polish relatives in a Cleveland suburb to enjoy during the big game between U of Michigan and Ohio State the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was a huge hit, and the couple's son insisted on frying up the pierogies himself as an homage to his Busia who used to make them for him. A little taste of home and the old country. Thank you for providing that special bit of holiday cheer!"
Lisa from Chagrin Falls, OH

"My grandfather had his only little smoke house & butcher shop 60 years ago. I know all the hard work you do to keep everything looking & smelling so good. Thank you for having such a clean deli & delicious food.My friends & family are so excited to get a gift basket bundle from your famous deli. Merry Christmas to all of you."
Rachel from Homer Glen, IL

"First time customer here. We've looked for so long for real perogies like my mother-in-law made who's family is from Russia and Poland. With my daughter and son-in-law moving to Germany soon, I wanted to cook an authentic meal before they left. Then we found you! I ordered the potato and onion perogies and they came right on time! You even gave me instructions for cooking and storing. We LOVED them. Along with the awesome kielbasa you gave us, and red beet horseradish sauce, it was an absolutely delicious meal! We are customers for life now. Thank you for your delicious, authentic cuisine!"
Diana from Simi Valley, CA

"I received my shipment and everything was perfectly packed, thank you Piast! My Wiscsonsin family LOVES your authentic Polish Kielbasa, and I have to remind them if not for me being born and raised in the Garfield area, they'd be out of luck! 😁"
Diane from Green Bay, WI

"I was a lifelong resident of Garfield, NJ and truly miss Piast. I am happy that I can order my favorites online to enjoy in my home in Virginia! Thank you for being a great business with the best food anywhere!"
Janet from Midlothian, VA

"I sent a order to each one of my daughters in New Jersey. They were thrilled with their orders that they received today which was amazing. Your products are outstanding and the quality of food is great. I highly recommend your products to all my friends. Great food wish we lived closer."
Carole from Manahawkin, NJ

"I was a lifelong resident of Garfield, NJ and truly miss Piast. I am happy that I can order my favorites online to enjoy in my home in Virginia! Thank you for being a great business with the best food anywhere!"
Janet from Midlothian, VA

"I had to send you a quick note and THANK YOU so very much for offering the free shipping. Your food is amazing and the best pierogis I have ever ordered. We are on a fixed income so paying shipping can really hit us. I so appreciated the opportunity to try your food and enjoy it. I cooked one of the packages of pierogis immediately and thoroughly enjoyed it."
Denise from Kimberling City, MO

"I just want to thank you all for providing the most authentic Polish Food (other than Mom’s lol) that I have ever tasted. My whole family and extended families have enjoyed your wonderful rendition of delicacies of all my Polish favorites over the years. Keep up the GREAT work!"
Frank from Vero Beach, FL

"I received all 4 boxes and I want to say thank you so much. We have tried some of the kielbasa,veal hot dogs, and potato pierogis. Everything is delicious, thanks so much and Merry Christmas to you all. We are saving some for Christmas in honor of my parents and grandparents."
Virginia from Caryville, FL

"I just opened it up and everything looks amazing. I can’t wait to try those little mushroom dumplings that I’ve never had before. But I already broke into the cherry cheese Babka, and it is amazing! I love your pierogies too. My daughter says they are almost as good as mine but I told her these are a lot easier for me lol. Thanks again for having all these wonderful foods that bring back great memories of my Baba and mom. Merry Christmas!"
Mary from Encinitas, CA

"Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. I miss my Polish family-we’re now spread all over the country and some of the world. Thank you for making my holiday memories come true."
Christine from Reno, NV

"Thanks for delivery. Everything is great. I love the chicken head cheese, back at home in Slovakia we made it a lot but never had chicken and I’m glad I ordered it. Pirohy are also very good. Thanks. We all wish you a happy and healthy New Year."
Helen from Crown Point, IN

"Hi…. I moved to Florida in 2015 from Hawthorne. Originally lived in Garfield. Lived on Your Pirogies. They are the best. I just found out they can be ordered on line! Oh Happy Day! I am waiting to get my first order. Thank you for making a family in Palmetto VERY HAPPY! Can’t wait!"
Betty from Palmetto, FL

"I just wanna say thank you very much for wonderful experience with the shipping. All my products I purchased from you guys they are in perfect condition and thank you for extra stuff. Everything is really delicious and I do really have really good experience with you guys and your store! I will let my all my friends know about you thank you. Best regards."
Urszula from Hartville, MO

"I just want you to know how much it means to our family that we can obtain traditional polish food, especially for our Easter table. My grandmother was Polish and created many of these dishes from scratch - it’s just part of who we are. My 82 year old mother absolutely loves our Easter - bringing back all the smells and tastes from grandma. My only wish is that I was closer so I could visit your store in person and obtain some of your other goodies! Thank you so much!!"
Dawn from Springfield, MO

"Hi! I'm excited to have found you. I recently moved to Tennessee from NJ and find that one of the things I miss the most is the food. I grew up in a Polish household and was delighted to see so many familiar foods available on your website. Looking forward to my delivery! Thanks again."
Mike from Greeneville, TN

"Just received our order,it came promptly and was very well packaged,still nice and cold also.Also received some bonus thank you items,very much appreciated.We WILL be repeat customers"
Suzanne from Paragould, AK

"After several years of ordering all of the smoked bundles, today I cooked the fresh links from the BBQ bundle. It was the best I've had since the homemade that I grew up with in Brooklyn. Your butchers are the best."
Rich from Livermore, CA