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Our kielbasa is 100% homemade, coarse-ground butcher-cut meats stuffed into natural casings and smoked on the premises using natural woods. Choose from a range of traditional Old World recipes.

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How to Cook Kielbasa

What is Kielbasa?

Kielbasa is the Polish word for sausage, and sausages are a cornerstone of Polish cooking. These days, kielbasa is also popular with people of many backgrounds, often grilled on a barbecue, stir-fried with rice, or served in a roll.

Kielbasa comes in many sizes and varieties. Most are Smoked Kielbasa that are ready to eat! Some, like White Kielbasa (also known by the term, "Fresh Kielbasa") must be cooked before they are eaten. Still, other folks enjoy Dried Kielbasa that you can take with you on treks outdoors – say, hiking, camping, hunting or fishing – to provide a food source on the go!

In the United States, it's popular to grill kielbasa. Many a summer barbecue or winter grill-top is dressed with links of freshly smoked sausage. Polish kielbasa responds well to intense heat and they taste great! You can eat them as-is or you can slice or chop kielbasa as an ingredient in a larger dish, even salads. The possibilities for kielbasa recipes are endless!

Want to know if your kielbasa is a top-quality product? Slice it and look inside: a premium kielbasa will have visible chunks of meat. However, if the meat looks liquified (like in a hot dog) you don't have the quality stuff. Always ask your butcher or deli: you want coarse-ground chunks of meat, inside.

Many folks ask us about pronunciation. Do you see the diagonal line in the letter ł here? It's in the Polish spelling of the word, kielbasa. That diagonal line means you pronounce the letter softly, almost like a W (and not like a hard L). Try it: kyoh-BAH-sah. For people who don’t speak Polish, it’s acceptable to pronounce the L: kyol-BAH-sah. Occasionally, you may see folks using alternative spellings and pronunciations for this word. These include kovbasa, kobasa, kobasi, kolbassy, kolbasa, kollbassa, and kubasa, among others.

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