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Everybody's favorite! Pierogi, just like babcia makes them! Our Pierogi dough and stuffing are gently prepared each day. Inside each doughy pouch, you'll find our hand-prepared fillings of fresh vegetables, cheeses, meats, and spice. Our homemade pierogi are all-natural, with no additives or preservatives. Made fresh every day, and frozen right before shipping.

Cooking Instructions for pierogi
How to Cook Pierogi

What Is a Pierogi?

Pierogi are probably the most popular item in Polish foods, and fans of pierogi include people of all ethnicities and backgrounds. Pierogi are delicious!

Polish pierogi are made from unleavened dough, and each pierogi piece resembles a pouch or a type of Slavic ravioli. Inside, you will find traditional fillings such as potato and cheese (pierogi ruskie), sauerkraut and mushroom (pierogi z kapustą i grzybami), ground spiced pork (pierogi z mięsem) and more. There are also sweet pierogi for dessert.

The word "pierogi" is plural. You hardly ever eat one: you have a plate of 'em! The singular form of the word is "pieróg," but even in Poland, the singular form is seldom used.  Sometimes folks might say, "I love pierogies" or "I'd like to buy pierogies." This is an English-language adaptation of the word, and it's perfectly fine. You can learn more about pierogi on Wikipedia.

As you probably know, pierogi are highly versatile. You can make savory pierogi for meals and sweet pierogi for desserts. You can boil them, fry them, sauté them, roast them, and stir-fry them. And that's before you get to the toppings!

The most classic topping for a pierogi meal is to adorn the little doughy pouches with generous lashings of caramelized onions. Fantastic! For dessert or for a snack, sweet pierogi are typically topped with whipped cream or with a sprinkling of sugar. Inside, they are usually filled with fresh fruit to make blueberry pierogi, strawberry pierogi, and more.

Poland itself is more than 1,000 years old, and it is in Poland that you will find the most widespread preparation and consumption of pierogi in the Old World. Pierogi are a family tradition and a favorite Polish food.

In the United States, many families make or buy pierogi on a regular basis. And many more return to the pleasures of pierogi during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Pierogi are at once a link to the past and a delicious, contemporary meal.

Buy Polish Pierogi Online

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