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June 22, 2011

In Polish, "ojciec" (OY-chets) means "father." In Poland, Father's Day ("Dzień Ojca") is celebrated each year on June 23, a week later than in the US. When speaking to your own father, you might call him dad ("tata" or "tatuś"). He is the husband ("mąż") to your mother ("matka").  

Polish fathers are traditionally hard workers but also delight in spending time with their children ("dzieci"). Anecdotal evidence suggests that all types of fathers enjoy good food ("jedzenie"). If you're thinking of delighting a father, our online store has a number of father-approved items:
Basket for Dad $74.99 Basket for Dad

Show dad or dziadziu that you care about the traditions and values that they...

Basket for Him $79.99 Basket for Him

Impress the man in your life with a thoughtful and unique basket that he...

Hunter Kielbasa $1.49 Hunter Kielbasa

Thin, hard and chewy 6-8" links made from select pieces of pork in a...

Beef Jerky $11.99 Beef Jerky

A surprise runaway hit! Lean, highest-quality Certified Angus Beef hand-cut into 1/2" thick footlong...

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