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Chocolates & Candies

Did you know that Poland is famous for its luscious chocolates and candies? Below is a list of the most famous confections imported from the Old World. Enjoy with coffee, tea, or milk.  If you know any Polish people, they will instantly know these brands.  Great on a plate for guests, too!

Delicje Szampańskie $1.19 Delicje Szampańskie
Behold the iconic circular cookies from Wedel, the famous Polish chocolatier. Made with soft...

Pierniczki Alpejskie $1.49 Pierniczki Alpejskie
These heart-shaped cookies are translated literally as "Alpine Gingerbread Cakes". Made with gingerbread stuffed...

Prince Polo $0.49 Prince Polo
Prince Polo is a famous Polish candy bar made by Olza and easily identifiable...

Ptasie Mleczko $5.49 Ptasie Mleczko
These iconic chocolates translate literally as "Bird's Milk Chocolates" but are fondly known throughout...

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