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Game Day

A selection of our very best homemade foods, finger-lickin' good, perfect for game day!

Party Special Party Special
Zestaw Sportowy
Perfect for the sports enthusiast on game day! Treat your guests to a mouth-watering, hearty selection of our homemade smoked finger foods! Feeds 7-8 people. Total weight 10 lbs. 2 rings Hungryman’s Kielbasa 1 pair Thin Hunter Kielbasa 1 rack...
Kielbasa Sampler Kielbasa Sampler
Zestaw Kiełbas
Can’t decide which kielbasa to get? They are all so good! That’s why we recommend our Kielbasa Sampler, with a selection of our best homemade kielbasa! Total weight 8 lbs. 1/2 ring Vienna Kielbasa 1 ring Piast Kielbasa 1 ring...
Pierogi Sampler Pierogi Sampler
Zestaw Pierogów
A great way to introduce someone to the various flavors of our famous handmade Polish pierogi! Plus, a bonus container of our secret caramelized onion garnish for the perfect flavor. Total weight 5.5 lbs. 1 dozen Potato & Cheese Pierogi...
Piast Kielbasa Piast Kielbasa
Kiełbasa Piastowska
Our original best-seller, named after our store! These 10-12" long rings of high-quality pork cuts are blended with salt, black pepper, allspice, nutmeg, and garlic. Stuffed in a 42-45mm thick hog casing and lightly roasted over natural hardwood. The light...
Hungryman's Kielbasa Hungryman's Kielbasa
Kiełbasa Chłopska
Our leanest kielbasa! These 8-10" long pork rings are coarse-ground and flavored with celery, onion, and garlic in a 42-45mm hog casing. Roasted over natural wood logs, best served cold. One ring is approximately 1 lb. Note: this product is made from...
Thin Hunter Kielbasa Thin Hunter Kielbasa
Known in Polish as "kabanosy", this famous dried kielbasa is Poland's "Slim Jim," thin, hard, and chewy. 18-20" long rings of fine-ground pork in a 24-26mm thick sheep casing with flavors of salt, black pepper, allspice, nutmeg, and garlic. It...
Thin Veal Kielbasa Thin Veal Kielbasa
Kabanosy Cielęce
Also known as “Kabanosy”, this signature Polish kielbasa is thin, hard, and chewy. 18-20" long rings of fine-ground veal in a 24-26mm thick sheep casing with flavors of salt, black pepper, allspice, nutmeg, and garlic. It is slow-smoked, then air-dried....
Mini Hunter Kielbasa Mini Hunter Kielbasa
Mini Kabanosy
A new twist on the traditional Polish "kabanosy", this famous dried kielbasa is portioned into continuous 8-10" links. Perfect size for snacking or for kids! Thin, hard, and chewy; also known as Poland's "Slim Jim." Fine-ground pork in a 24-26mm...
Beef Jerky Beef Jerky
Przysmak Piwny
A surprise runaway hit! Lean, highest-quality Certified Angus Beef hand-cut into 1/2" thick footlong strips, marinated overnight in our signature spices, then fire-roasted over hardwood logs for a juicy, smokey texture. A fantastic snack that is lean, chewy, and natural!...
Kielbasa in a Blanket Kielbasa in a Blanket
Kiełbaski w Cieście
A unique twist on an Old World classic! Juicy 3” links of our famous homemade smoked BBQ Kielbasa stuffed with creamy American cheese (summer only), wrapped in a thin puff pastry dough and oven-roasted. The perfect finger food, just reheat...
Smoked Baby Back Ribs Smoked Baby Back Ribs
Żeberka Wędzone
Our own butcher-cut rack of meaty baby back pork ribs, cured in our signature brine and gently wood-smoked for an irresistible glistening texture and flavor. Baby back ribs originate from the blade and center section of the pork loin and...
Smoked Pork Shank Smoked Pork Shank
Golonka Wędzona
This pork shank, also known as "pork knuckle" or "pork hock," is a thick, tasty cut of meat from the upper ham leg and contains an exposed shank bone. It is gently roasted in our wood smoker for a rich...
Potato & Cheese Pierogi Potato & Cheese Pierogi
Pierogi Ruskie
Our most popular pierogi! These traditional homemade Polish dumplings are stuffed with potatoes, farmer cheese, and cooked onions in a hand-rolled soft dough. Best served boiled or sauteed with onions. Net 12 oz.
Buffalo Chicken Pierogi Buffalo Chicken Pierogi
Pierogi Buffalo z Kurczakiem
By popular demand! These outstanding homemade pierogi are filled with our very own stuffing made with cooked shredded chicken, crumbled blue cheese, and spicy hot sauce. Pre-cooked, just heat and serve! Eat as-is or serve with sour cream, blue cheese...
Meat Croquettes Meat Croquettes
Krokiety z Mięsem
These handmade rolled pancakes consist of a thin rolled crêpe dough stuffed with seasoned ground pork and beef, then lightly battered and fried until golden brown. Very popular during Christmas, best served with red borscht or tomato sauce. Approximately 5"...
Mushroom Croquettes Mushroom Croquettes
Krokiety z Grzybami
These homemade, vegetarian "krokiety" are made with crêpe dough stuffed with sauerkraut and mushrooms, then breaded and fried. Very popular during Christmas Eve dinner, best served with mushroom soup or gravy. Approximately 5" by 2", net 5 oz.
Bacon Spread Bacon Spread
Smalec po Góralsku
Spreadable bacon goodness! This "smalec" in Polish is made from fresh rendered bacon fat. A classic country dish typically used as a substitute for butter and is spread on bread. Available plain or with fried bacon & onions. Net 16...
Horseradish with Egg Horseradish with Egg
Chrzan z Jajkiem
No Polish meal is complete without the unmistakable taste of horseradish! Our homemade horseradish is mixed with freshly boiled eggs for a milder, slightly sweeter flavor. Perfect for Easter! Net 8 oz.
Horseradish Cream Sauce Horseradish Cream Sauce
Chrzan Śmietankowy
This homemade horseradish is mixed with fresh cream, eggs, and spices for a rich topping that isn't overpowering. Ideal for Easter! Net 8 oz.
Horseradish with Beets Horseradish with Beets
Chrzan z Burakami
Our homemade horseradish with beets adds a spicy zing to any Polish meal! Real horseradish is mixed with freshly grated beets in a perfect old world combination. Great for Easter! Net 8 oz.
Condiment Sampler Condiment Sampler
Zestaw Przystawek
A variety of imported Polish condiments that promises to will add spice to any order! Total weight 7.5 lbs. 1 jar Polish Sauerkraut 1 jar Polish Pickles 1 Polish Mustard 1 Polish Horseradish
Sauerkraut Sauerkraut
Kapusta Kiszona
Wisps of shredded cabbage freshly fermented in barrel based on a recipe developed centuries ago. A perfect topping for kielbasa and an ideal base for many stews. An excellent source of vitamin C and cancer-fighting compounds. Net 33 oz.
Pickle Salad Pickle Salad
Sałatka z Ogórków Kiszonych
A mix of imported Polish pickles, onions, and peppers accompany any meal with a zesty flavor.
Baby Dill Pickles Baby Dill Pickles
Ogórki Konserwowe
These traditional Polish pickles make a perfect addition to any sandwich or a salad, or just a healthy snack. Net 30 fl. oz.
Cucumbers in Brine Cucumbers in Brine
Ogórki Kwaszone
Barreled pickled cucumbers in a fine brine composed of water, salt, natural spices, garlic and horseradish bring out a taste that will make you crave for more. Net 27 fl. oz.
Cucumbers and Peppers Cucumbers and Peppers
Ogórki Konserwowe z Papryką
Barreled cucumbers marinated with peppers and onions in fresh vinegar make for an extraordinary flavor combination. Net 27 fl. oz.
Kosciuszko Mustard Kosciuszko Mustard
This 100% natural spicy brown mustard won a gold medal at the 1998 Napa Valley Worldwide Mustard Competition! Its zesty Old World taste goes great with lunch meats, hot dogs, sausages, baked ham, hamburgers, and as a special ingredient in...
Polish Horseradish Polish Horseradish
This traditional Polish horseradish adds an unmistakable kick to any cold cut or kielbasa! Imported from Poland, net 6 oz.
Grated Red Beets and Horseradish Grated Red Beets and Horseradish
Ćwikła z Chrzanem
Grated red beets made out of the highest quality vegetables with an addition of spicy Polish horseradish. The ultimate condiment! Net 22.4 oz.
Rye Bread Rye Bread
Chleb Żytni
Our traditional homemade loaf of old-world Polish rye bread. Golden brown and baked to perfection! 1.5 lb. Available sliced or unsliced.