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Kielbasa Best Sellers

Over the years these have been our customers’ favorites. A great place to begin if you’re new to our store.

Vienna Kielbasa $14.99 Vienna Kielbasa
Our #1 best-selling kielbasa! Delicious lean 18-20" long rings of ground pork with salt,...

Piast Kielbasa $9.49 Piast Kielbasa
Our original best-seller, named after our store! These 10-12" long rings of high-quality pork...

BBQ Kielbasa $1.99 BBQ Kielbasa
Naturally smoked and perfect for outdoor grilling! These 6-8" long links are made with...

Hungryman's Kielbasa $6.99 Hungryman's Kielbasa
Our leanest kielbasa! TheseĀ 8-10" long pork rings are coarse-ground andĀ flavored with celery, onion, and...

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